Friday, November 26, 2010

Diving in Sipadan

After our tiring journey on Mt. Kinabalu, me and my family went Sipadan- which was also in Malaysia. Sipadan is a small island which used to belong to Indonesia. Then something happened and the island belonged to Malaysia. We took a boat ride from Tawau to Mabul Island. Once we reached our resort (Billabong), we ate lunch and enjoyed our surroundings. The first dive was in Paradise 2.

Billabong is only a budget resort, however the resort is clean and served standard halal food plus free Milo ( chocolate drink), tea & coffee. The location of resort not far from village and a perfect location to watch sun set every day.

Cute kittens at Billabong

Paradise 2
This diving site is just off Billabong Resort. Me and my family saw one Nudibranch (they're really rare around Sipadan), a few Blennies and 4 Sea Turtles! I have never seen this much Sea Turtles when I dive. The max would probably one at a time. But these turtles are used to humans (I think so) that they are very brave. Me and my sister got close to one and she took a picture of me behind a turtle! Of course, Sipadan is famous for their amount of sea Turtles. where ever anyone dives, there'll be a turtle. We also saw Trigger fishes and Anemone fishes (no Nemo though). These fishes are quite common though, I see them every time when I go diving. In Paradise 2, there was a Crocodile fish and a numerous amount of Bat fishes- more than I've seen at one time.

Bat fish

Anemone clown fish

Paradise 2-> Paradise 1
This was half a night dive. Although, the main creature me, my family and some other people wanted to see was the Mandarin fishes. These amazing creatures are spectacular for the pattern on them. I have seen the Mandarin fish a couple times (in Lembeh- Indonesia). Compared to the Mandarin fishes I've seen before, these were small. We saw some Scorpion fishes, Anemone fishes, more Batfishes and a Nudibranch.

Barracuda Point-Sipadan
After the day we arrived, we went to the actual Sipadan Island. This was the best diving place I've ever been to. The corals were brightly coloured, the sun shining on them. The depth was not too deep (around 5m minimum) for the snorkelers to see. At Barracuda Point, there was supposed to be a huge group of Barracudas, but apparently they didn't show up. A friend of my dad, saw the Barracudas and took a video of them. There were hundreds swirling around like a hurricane. They were incredible. Me and my family were unfortunate to miss them. It was Sipadan though, and it's a happy island! Now, let's put aside the miserable things and move onto the creatures I saw.
There were Banner fishes, Bat fishes, Anemone fishes and the great Sea Turtles. To replace the missing Barracudas, the Jack fishes arrived, swimming around us. I love Barracuda Point because that was the first time I saw a shark- a beautiful White Tip Shark!

So close to a Sea Turtle!

Never been so close with shark !

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