Friday, January 9, 2009

Beautiful Bunaken

Last year, I went diving with my family to Bunaken and Lembeh in Indonesia.
and I'd like to share my fabulous dive adventures with all of you...

Me Rebecca Mayang
First of all, I met my Instructor, Lucy on the 14/12/08 which was the first day. It was my first time diving in Bunaken, and it was great! We are staying at Two Fish Divers. It was great! There was just one thing I was scared of... the DOGS! They're cute, but I'm just scared they'll lick me!!! A cat named Macan was there. She is very friendly, very brave and her coat was pure black.
When you sleep at night, you could always here the lovely sound of the wave. It makes you sleep easily. I really enjoyed staying at Two Fish Divers!
I met this pretty little girl called Rebecca! At first she was sort of scared of me, but then she's getting use to me. Rebecca is Tina and Nigel's daughter, and Tina and Nigel is the owner of Two Fish Diver's, they're very friendly.

Day 1, 14/12/08, Muka Kampung

Lucy and I swam out from the beach of Muka Kampung for a start.

The first thing I saw was sand and loads of dirty sea grass, then we saw lots of Horned Sea Stars. About one and a half minute later the pretty corals and the lovely fishes came to my sight. Many of the fishes were hiding in the corals and in some holes because they were scared of us. There were quite a lot of Long-Nosed Butterfly fish, some of them swam in groups and some didn’t. Then, a Trumpet fish was swimming to a space under a coral near us; I wonder why the fishes are sooo scared of us?

Day 2, 1st Dive, 15/12/08, Alung Banua

The next day, me and Lucy went to Alung Banua with my family. We went on a boat to go to the location.

This time I did a giant stride to get in the water, it was my first time. A giant stride is an easy thing to do; all you have to do is to hold your mask and your mouthpiece with one hand and hold everything else with the other hand. After that, look across the clearing and take a big step forward in the air and that’s it.

We had to swim a little bit until we were about 2 or 3m above the corals. When we were inside the water, beauties came to my sight again. Lots and lots of fishes were surrounding me. We saw a Parrot fish, but it was quite far away from us. Then there was quite a lot of Xmas Tree Worms (Christmas Tree Worms) on some of the corals. A few minutes later, Lucy and I found a group of Puffer fish. There were 5 Puffer fish in total. Lucy said that it might have been a puffer fish party-hahaha, and I agreed with her. It’s really weird because usually Puffer fish doesn’t really hang out together. A little bit further, we saw some Anemone fish (Clown fish). Anemone fish are one of my favourites because they are quite cute (sort of).

Day 2, 2nd Dive, Muka

After lunch, I had another dive with Lucy. This time we went to Muka (Muka Kampung) again, but we saw different sthings. We saw a Unicorn fish (but it doesn’t have a horn!), a Spotted Boxfish, a Hawkfish who was staying still on this pretty coral, a Ribbon Eel and even a Spotted Moray Eel. The Moray Eel was hiding in this hole. Lucy and I started to count Butterfly fish but it was too much (because they were sort of everywhere) so we got confused! A lot of Anthias were hiding in the corals, they were so adorable!

Day 3, 1st Dive, 16/12/08, Lekuan III

Breakfast is done, and now’s time for more diving. Me, Lucy and my family went to Lekuan III (3) for the next day. I did a giant stride to get in the water again. I just love doing that! Lucy and I saw some Sweet Lips, a cute baby Boxfish and a Sea Star hiding inside a hole. We zapped lots of Christmas Tree Worms and Fan Worms, it was so fun watching them hide away. They were so preety because their amazing colours and we even saw this apartment building of Anemone Fish! We tried to knock their doors (if they really had one), but some of them were too scared to come out and some were brave enough. Since it was an apartment (if it really was), we saw a few baby anemone fish and they were soooooo cute! They were also terrified of us!

Day 3, 2nd Dive, Lekuan II

A few minutes ride to Lekuan II (2) and I’m ready for another dive with Lucy! On this Dive, Lucy and I are quite lucky because we saw a Barracuda! Ok, you don’t really need to be lucky to see a Barracuda, but it’s just…so COOL! Then we saw two Flute Mouths, a Bump head Parrot fish which was swimming a few meters away from us and a Napoleon Wrasse, followed by lots of Midnight Snapper, then, by some Fire Dart Gobies. We even followed the Trumpet fish and played the trumpet for them!

Day 3, 3rd Dive, Timur II

Bye, bye lunch, and HELLOO….fishes! The current were fairly strong today but at least we could still enjoy this diving! For this dive, Lucy and I found lots of different Sea Stars; we saw a lot of Feather Stars, then I think we saw about one Pin Cushion Star, and then we saw lots of Brittle Stars inside big holes and in some corals! The most fun thing that we did was…knocking on lots of Anemone fishes' front doors, some came out to see who were there (which was Lucy and I) and some were too shy to come out!

On this dive, there is something that is not fun too…because this is my last dive with Lucy:( , but we totally had a GREAT time together:) and maybe I could dive with her again next year:)?!?!

Day 4, 1st Dive, 17/12/08, Sachiko

Today we are moving to Lembeh, but my dad thinks it will be good to have one more dive in Bunaken, so we are diving in Sachiko today. Since I’m not diving with Lucy again, for this dive and all of the dives in Lembeh, I’m going to dive with Tina. Since Tina is the owner of Two Fish Divers, I'm sure we're gonna have a wonderful time like me and Lucy. In Sachiko, Tina and I saw lots and lots of Red Tooth Trigger Fish, they were like everywhere! Then we saw a Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray, which was hiding under a rock. Tina let me go closer to the Ray but when he realizes that I was next to him, he swam away really fast like a lightning towards the other way Tina and I were diving. Then we saw lots of Butterfly fish; there was the Pyramid Butterfly fish (which was one of my fav), the Triangular Butterfly fish and the Longnose Butterfly fish. Regal Angelfish, Red-Banded Wrasse, Steep-Head Parrot fish, Orangespine Unicorn, Moorish Idol, Lined Sweetlips and Bluefin Travelly were swimming around us, but they were quite scared of us. When Tina and I were swimming by, we saw a few Orangefin Anemone fish swimming around their anemone, followed by a Smooth Flutemouth.

..... to be continued ......
It'll be on Diving in Lembeh... YAY!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I want to dive at Lembeh somedays too.