Friday, January 9, 2009

Fascinating Lembeh

Continuing my dive stories in Manado, this time I went diving in Lembeh....

We stayed in Two Fish Divers again, but this one is in Lembeh! Me and my family's room was really cool! It was like a hut, but maybe a little bit bigger. There was dogs and a cat too. The dogs doesn't really bother me as much as the dogs in Bunaken but they're fine. This tortoise shell like cat was really adorable. She is very, very brave. Braver than Macan I think! Sometimes when I call her, she comes to me and sit near me (how brave)! Rebecca came to Lembeh too with Tina and Ingrid!

Day 4, 2nd Dive, Muka (Lembeh)

We arrived in Lembeh at lunch time, so we had lunch while waiting for our room. When our room was ready, we quickly unpacked our suitcases and then we got ready for more fun! We started by swimming out from the beach. First Tina and I saw sand, and then came big groups of Sea Urchins near some dirty sea grass. A few minutes later, the corals had shown itself. They were beautiful! Lots of Humbug, a little bit of Neon Damsel and a few Bangai Cardinal Fish welcomed us, when we swam a little bit further we saw, a Red-Banded Wrasse, a String Worm and a few groups of Rigid Shrimpfish.

Then there was several of Pipefish hiding (not together) on some rocks, and then we saw some Spinecheek Anemone fish in this anemone (of course). About one minute later I found this strange looking stuff so I asked Tina what it is, and then she said that the strange looking thing is actually a Jellyfish! It was an Upside-Down Jellyfish! Tina showed this red and white crab in this little coral, it was sort of cute.

When we swam back to the shore Tina and I saw baby Butterfly fish. Then, when we nearly came out, we saw a Ringed Pipefish which was quite amazing! Near the Pipefish there was some sea grass. On one of the sea grass I think I saw a green Nudibranch which camouflaged itself very good! Too bad Tina didn’t see it, so I don’t really know what kind of type the Nudibranch was.

Day 5, 1st Dive, 18/12/08, Nudifalls

Today I’m diving with Tina and a Dive Master. Her name is Ingrid. I think she is very nice, very helpful and I think she’s very funny too. We are going to Nudifalls for this dive. People said that it has a lot of Nudibranch, so I am hoping to see splendid ones. There was this Dwarf-Spotted Grouper that was a little bit far away from us and then, there was quite a lot of Cleaner Shrimp and Rock Lobsters hiding inside some holes. We saw groups of Rigid Shrimpfish and there was a lot of Wart Slugs. There was about two or three Flabellina that Ingrid, Tina and I saw, they were splendid like what I’ve said before. Lots of Moorish Idol was everywhere. We even saw Striped Catfish! A Black-Spotted Puffer was swimming by itself near the corals. When we were sort of under the boat, we saw some False Clown anemone fish, some Skunk Anemone fish, a few

Ringed Pipefish, a Cushion Starfish and guess what? We saw a Barred Moray having a fishes head for breakfast!!! First I thought the Moray’s head was stuck, so I felt a little bit scared. Then, when its head came out, I realized that it was actually eating a fish’s head! It was INCREDIBLE!

Day 5, 2nd Dive, Nudiretreat

Before we had lunch, I had another dive with Tina and Ingrid. It only took about four or five minutes to Nudiretreat. Ingrid is gonna help us look for interesting stuff like, another Nudibranch maybe or any other stuffs. We saw lots of Wart Slugs on the corals beside us, we saw a purple Flabellina looking thing and we saw a lot of Ascidians. There was a Hermit Crab too on the sand (I think), a few Tubeworms and there was some Indian Bannerfish that was swimming on the opposite side of us. Lots of corals were beautiful, there was some Sea Grapes, some Broccoli Corals and we saw this Fire-flower looking Soft Coral. It was sort of fun scaring the Reef Lizardfish that was on some rocks, some corals and on the sands. On the corals beside and under us, we saw a Crested Nembrotha and a Dusky Nembrotha. A Parrotfish was swimming on the big space looking good. When we were 1.5m away from under the boat, we saw some Pink Anemonefish, it was so cute! Before we said goodbye to the fishes, we saw two Thorny Filefish separated which was quite weirdly cool.

Day 5, 3rd Dive, Aer Perang

Drop those lunches and it’s time for one more dive for this day!
We are going to Aer Perang after lunch, but my mum is not going because she only wants to do the third dive. Plus, I’m not diving with Ingrid although; she’s still coming with us.
Sand was the first thing we saw. Then we saw a Blackbarred Sandperch and then we saw this cool sea cucumber called the Burrowing Sea Cucumber, Ingrid call it the ‘Scary Tree’ and I like it! A Fingered Dragonet was on some rocks and on the sand too. Some Sweetlips’ were swimming quite far from us, I always wonder why Sweetlips are called Sweetlips although its lips are not sweet at all? There were groups of Rigid Shrimpfish around, we also saw some Wart Slugs on the corals. We saw a pretty blue Ribbon Eel’s head was out of its hole, it is quite cute. We saw Moray Eel hiding in this sort of hole sleeping (I think). We were also lucky because we saw two juv. (juvenile) Batfish, it was my first time seeing one and I was so amazed! The juv. Batfish looks a lot prettier than I saw in some fish books. Not much of the Moorish Idol in this dive, it was like as if they were in some kind of vacation (like me)! We saw some Orange-Dashed Gobies, and then saw some Banded Gobies and we even saw a Yellowtail Barracuda! A Pin-Cushion Starfish was lying on the seabed near the corals. Pennant Bannerfish were swimming in groups when we saw them. Two or three Smooth Flutemouths were swimming side by side, like a little fishy gang. An Orange-Lined Triggerfish was swimming across us and it looks cool! Well it wasn’t the last fish we saw, it was a Rounded Pufferfish and it looks soo round (of course).

Day 6, 1st Dive, 19/12/08, Magic Rock

Last day, second dive from the last, MUST ENJOY it! Beautiful and cute Banggai Cardinalfish was swimming around and near some little corals, with some Humbug Dascyllus in it. We saw a Klunzinger’s Wrasse and Redbreasted Wrasse quite far away. Moorish Idols were sort of everywhere once again! I think we saw a group of Striped Catfish that was actually across us. We saw a Humpback Stonefish which was near a rock, we saw a yellow Trumpetfish, groups of Rigid Shrimpfish and we saw one or two Hexagon Grouper. There was some Spot-Banded Butterflyfish around us, and there was a lot of anemone fish; there was the Tomato Anemonefish, the Pink Anemonefish and there was Clark’s Anemonefish. Some Variegated Lizardfish were trying to hide by camouflaging itself, but they weren’t that good so it was easy to very easy to surprise them! Just before we waved and said goodbye to the fishes, we saw a Spotted Porcupinefish, it was quite deep so I didn’t see it quite clear.

Day 6, 2nd Dive, Pantai Parigi

Just a few minutes ride to our last dive for this holidayL! But it was TOTALLY AWESOME! Lots and lots of Moorish Idols were everywhere! There was a lot of Black-Back Butterflyfish, but there wasn’t as much as the Moorish Idols, a lot Humbug Dascyllus was hiding on the little corals and some were hiding in the big corals too. There was also some Decorated Goby and some Seagrapes came to my sight and the rest came to Tina’s sight (I guess?)! Then we saw a few more of Klunzinger’s Wrasse, a few more groups of Rigid Shrimpfish and a few more of Hexagon Groupers! One or two Trapezia Crab was hiding in this coral, a few Wart Slugs was on some corals too, we saw this Flabellina looking thing and we saw a Sealface Pufferfish! We saw this juv. Many-Spotted Sweetlips which Tina and I call it the Cha-Cha fish! We even saw a Demon Stinger near this rock. At first I thought it was just one medium sized rock, but then, Tina told me to stay where I am, she dived a little bit deeper and then with her metal stick, she showed me that half of the rock was actually a fish! We saw two or three juv. Teira Batfish and it was great! Just before I said goodbye for the last time, we saw this VERY black Crocodilefish! Tina told me to stay at where we was (so she can point it to me), just like the Demon Stinger! It was a really AWESOME dive and I enjoyed it a lot! I hope Tina, Lucy and Ingrid enjoyed diving with me as much as I enjoyed diving with them!

I can't wait for December 2009, bacause I'm gonna be 10 on that month which means I could get my Junior Open Diver course! YAY! I'm planning to go to Lembeh or Bunaken to get my course, so maybe I could get the course with Tina or Lucy:)!

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