Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Diving Experience in The Ocean with Marcia

On December 2007, my family and I went to Phuket to dive. This was my first time diving/bubble making in the ocean and I am really excited!

When we were arrived at the airport, a lady named Marcia Fisk came to pick us up. She is suppose to be my instructor. Marcia Fisk was really nice and she was really helpful too.

After we arrived in the hotel, me and my family had to get ready because after this we are going to Marcia’s house so I could practice bubble making in the her pool first, before I could go in the ocean. When we got there, I was amazed because her house was beautiful, in fact it’s PERFECT! Her garden was like a jungle without harmful animals (of course). She even has a pond with a little bridge and with fishes in it! Just in front of the pond was the medium sized pool. It was pretty deep.

In the pool, we practiced how to clear our mask. After that we swam around the pool.

The next day, I was terribly excited!
When we were at the diving place, Marcia said that we should start at the sandy part first, so I can learn my buoyancy (so I won’t sink and I won’t keep on going up and down). Marcia taught me by doing it in a really fun way; by throwing and catching a torpedo, by passing and receiving a flying saucer and last but not least, by going through hoops! It was really fun! After playing with the torpedo, the flying saucer and the hoops, Marcia and I started to swim to the colourful corals. We saw lots and lots of different kind of fish. The most common one is the Moorish Idol. Marcia brought this water proof card with her, which shows different kind of fish. She showed me on the card some of the fish that we saw.

When we finished diving, Marcia gave me a log book so every time I finished diving, I could write what I saw. This way, I could learn different kind of creatures that lives in the ocean which always makes me happy!

Every single day before I could see the corals and the fishes, Marcia and I always go to sandy part first and play with the torpedo, the flying saucer and the hoops to practice my buoyancy and it was always fun!

This had been a very memorable dive as I learn lots of things in a way which I really enjoyed, thanks to Marcia!

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