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Outward Bound Sabah-KK trip 2010

Outward Bound Sabah (OBS) P7 Panaga School

This year, I'm in P7 and our school trip is going to KK (Kota Kinabalu) in Sabah-Malaysia. Me and my friends had TONS of fun!!! In KK, we are staying there for 5 days, and 4 nights.

Hope you enjoy this 'adventure' too.

Day 1

We arrived in KK at the evening. And all of us were really excited!

Since we were so energetic, we couldn't sleep at ALL! But soon we did.

Day 2

We woke up at around, 5:50 am, that morning. We had to change quickly so we won't be late for the morning exercises. We did some stretches then, we played some games- it was pretty weird.

Every morning we had to do that- for the week.

After the morning exercises, we raised the Panaga School flag. A boy named David, raised it.

Tuesday's activities were the Giant Ladder, the Flying Fox and Orienteering-Treasure Hunting!

The Giant Ladder

The Giant Ladder is a teamwork activity, in fact all of the activities here is all about teamwork. With the Giant Ladder, basically all you have to do is climb and pull.

At the bottom of this obstacle, there are 3 more people helping the person who is climbing the obstacle. They are the; Belayer (I'm not sure how to spell that word), the Anchor and the Rope manager.

The Belayer is someone to make sure that if the climber falls, he/she won't crash to the ground.

The Anchor is someone to make sure that the Belayer won't fly!

The Rope manager is someone who is in charge of the ropes.

Later that afternoon, after the Giant Ladder, we did the Flying Fox, which was 'reasonably' long.

Just before the evening, we had a walk on the beach for 5 minutes, it was pretty relaxing.

Tonight, we're going to do orienteering, and I'm really excited!


This is a really fun activity. We had to find this sign that is in a shape of a rectangle .

Each group gets a map, of the camp, and they have to find these signs. Of course, since it's in the night, there is at least an instructor looking after us, to make sure, we're correct and we won't get lost. It was SERIOUSLY cool, scary and hard!

Day 3

On Wednesday, we're doing Rock Climbing, Canoeing and that night, we're sleeping in the JUNGLE! Awesome right?!?

Rock Climbing

There are 2 sides of this rock climbing wall. The easier one and the harder one. Good thing because, me and my best friend, Amy T., got time to do both of the walls, and guess what? We reached the top, for both walls! The harder wall was LITERALLY hard. But still, we can’t believe we did both walls. Although, the first wall was pretty hard, but not so much.

The walls might be hard to climb, but they’re extremely fun!

Basically, what made these walls harder than usual rock walls, are because, the ones in OBS, are made out of REAL rocks, not the one with plastic rocks.

Anyway, the easier wall is easier, because of how the wall is made, and that at the beginning, there is a little window-like hole that really boosts you up.

P.S. This wall is the HARDEST rock wall I’ve ever climbed.


Before we do the actual canoeing, we had to do some basic stuff, also, our instructors introduced some us, who has never canoed before, about canoeing; such as, the difference between canoeing and kayaking etc. After the introduction, we get into the canoes two by two, and the instructors will flip us! Then, we had to do all these stuff.

After doing all of those things, we finally went on the canoes, and I went with Meghana, my friend. We canoed in the river, and just when we can’t see the OBS camp anymore, one person each canoe, stands up and sing a little song to the other people on the canoes. It was really fun and funny!

Camping; in the JUNGLE!

I think, this was a really cool experience because; well I slept in a jungle, on the floor-with my sleeping bag of course, in a mosquito net ONLY! If you want to ask me if it’s comfy or not, before you ask, try sleeping on the floor with a sleeping bag only, tonight, then, I think you might know your answer.

This time, we get to choose who to sleep with, and I chose Yasmin Church and Allana Wilkinson, they’re also my friends.

In the night there, the instructors made a bon-fire, it was cool! We sang songs near the fire, but the songs weren’t exactly camp fire songs. Anyway, we had marshmallows for dessert, in fact, some of us took sticks from the ground, wash them, and stick a marshmallow through them to make roasted marshmallows!!! They were GREAT! Of course, we put them in fire first, but not the bon-fire, because it’s too big.

P.S. The toilets there, was a NIGHTMARE!!! Literally, it smells like a rotten mouse!!! UGHHHHHH…

Day 4

On Thursday, the plan was that we are going to the Wildlife Park. Cool right? Then, in the night, the other 2 groups (I’ll explain more about these groups later) are going to sleep in the jungle, while my group and one more group, will be doing the 4 wheel drive challenge) and the Night walk-with blind folds on!!!!!

Wildlife Park

This was one of the best parts of going to this KK trip, because I saw one animal that is somehow special to me- the Shetland Ponies! I really love them, although, I didn’t take pictures of them, because they were inside their little ‘house’! They’re sooooo adorable! In the Wildlife Park, I saw a Mouse Deer really close, a Clouded Leopard (I think this animal was pretty stressed), Orang-Utans, Proboscis Monkeys, Otters, these tiny monkeys (smaller than a growing kitten), different types of birds and MORE! But of course, I can’t really remember all of them. In this Wildlife Park, there is this place called the Aviary- which was AWESOME! This is where I saw the different type of birds and the Mouse Deer…. So CUTE!

After exploring this ‘park’, we went to the cafĂ© for either an ice-cream, or a drink….REFRESHING. After that, we went to see an animal show. When the show ended, I get to touch a snake and an Orang-Utan, called Mogli (I think that’s his name).

Also, some of us (including me) saw an Orang Utan called Masha (I think) driving a golf buggy, and she's only 6 months!!!

4 Wheel Drive Challenge

This is like an obstacle race, but the obstacle is basically nature and games-in between. After this challenge, I was REALLY tired! But it’s all about teamwork...

In the beginning, both teams were given 4 or 5 tires and a plastic chair, the basic ‘materials’ for a four wheeled ‘car’. We had to bring those things through this challenge. (We started this challenge on the beach house)

So at first, we had to go through the jungle (this one leads to the camping place), and for the first few minutes, we were blind folded, and only the first person, of each teams, didn’t have a blind fold on (because they were bringing the big tyre). After that, when we reached the camping place, we had to make an origami butterfly, which my team’s didn’t work, at ALLJ! Anyway, when the time finished, we moved on and this time, we went to the beach (still carrying the wheels and the plastic chair). On the beach, we did tons of exciting games. At first, we did a dry ‘cooperating’ game, then we did the wet ones, which was of course, a lot FUNNER than the other two games. Finally, we finished with the beach games, and we went back to the boat house. There, we had to play ONE more game, and this time, whoever wins this game, gets to shower FIRST! (We didn’t like being wet and sandy) We had to play a game where you only had 5 tubes and a marble. Each teams had to put the marble in this cup, and we were a few meters away from the cup. This activity wasn’t that hard, neither easy. In fact, it was half and half. Anyway, the ending was really close, but my team WON!

That night, I was supposed to be doing the night walk, but I had a heat rash, which hurts A LOT!!! So I had to miss the funL, but I wasn’t the only one who missed it…...

Day 5

I can’t believe it; it’s already the last day. I JUST got used to this place, and then we had to goL.

But one

challenge is still waiting for us… Raft Building (this challenge includes racing each teams).

Raft Building

Obviously, before we do the racing, we had to build a raft (look at the picture for more information). It

was pretty hard making it, but the hardest part was, tying the bamboos altogether. We had to make

sure it was really tight, because when we ride it, it might break apart.

After we built the raft, it was time for the race. Since not everybody in each team can go on the raft, the

instructors decided to make 3 rounds, so everybody in each team gets to row the boat. Also, when we

finished the rowing, we still needed to untie the ropes from the bamboo and the tyres. After that, we

had to clean the things we had used, and then we must put them back in the storage room. Whoever

finishes all of those things first, wins this last challenge! And my team came secondJJ!!

P.S. Rowing is A LOT harder than I’ve EVER thought in my ENTIRE life!

After all of those hard works, we had a shower, and then we had lunch. Guess what we had for lunch?!?

Burger King! There was a mixture of vegetarian burgers (only for vegetarians), chicken burgers and

cheese burgers, which I had. My best friend, Amy T. told me and my table, “I hate Burger King, but this is

the best food I’ve had so far, for this week!”

And all of us agreed!


After our DELICIOUS lunch, we had to go to this special room, for our ceremony.

In there, we first sang a song (I Have A Dream), then two students (from Panaga School, of course),

Bradley Cox and Romay Suville , told us about their experience in OBS, like

about our goals for this week (cooperation, resilience, respect etc). After that, we went outside, to

plant a tree. And I get to water the plant, only once though.

After the ceremony, we had to say bye-bye to OBSL. But at least we are going back to sleep on our comfy beds, and eat YUMMY foods!

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