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Me and my family had only one week to spend the holiday this time, and we spent it in Anilao-which is in Philippines! It took us two hours to get to Manila first, then three hours (by car) to Anilau. Together, it took us five hours to get to Anilau and back to Brunei. It was pretty long, but it was also worth it!

In Anilao, we stayed at Arthur's Place and it was good!
The foods tasted delicious; the atmosphere was beautiful; the people were very friendly; they took us to amazing dive sites and what I really liked about it here, was that the resort was very quiet in the weekdays!
Day 1
We arrived at Arthur's Place around midnight on Friday. It was dark, so it was hard to see things. We all slept pretty well though!

Day 2
On Saturday, we all had two amazing dives and it was really good for a start! In Anilau, you can never ever say it is boring!

Dive 1-Koala
My dad had this old camera with an underwater casing. I was allowed to bring it for all the dives! It was fun! My pictures wasn't really good, like my sister's and my dad's, but I guess it's okay for a beginner like me.
Anyway, me and my family saw a couple of Eels, loads of Nudis, some Trigger fish and one or two Blue-Spotted Stingray! We also saw Nemo & his family group, quite a lot of Lion fishes, a Flabellina and lots of Christmas Tree Worms!
Dive 2-Secret Bay
We were supposed to go to Twin Rocks, but unfortunately the current was too strong!
The Urchins were so pretty just like the Nudis we saw there! We also saw a really small juv. Box fish-so cute! There were some Lion fishes too; either
Scorpion/Leaf/Wasp fish; a Crab that I don't really have a clue what it's called; Blenny in a shell and Shrimp in a broken bottle! We also saw a File fish, some Nudis (we also saw this giant Nudi!), one or two Octopus', Pipe fishes, Sexy Shrimps-I like to call it Wiggly Shrimps, Tube Worms, some more Crab and a few Trumpet fishes! So for exchange, we went to Secret Bay. The sand was 'black sand', it was pretty sandy with particles of rocks.

Day 3
On Sunday, we had three dives!

Dive 1-Twin Rocks
Our guide brought a slice of bread for that dive, but I wasn't allowed to feed the fishes because they were too ferocious! Anyway, we saw big groups of Jack fishes; Trigger fishes; loads of colourful fishes; Nemo & his family group; Trumpet fishes; a few Giant Clams; one or two Scorpion fishes; greedy fishes (inc. Bat fishes); groups of Barracudas; a juv. Sweetlip; a small wreck; Squirrel fishes; Mantis Shrimps; Flabellina; Lion fishes; Eels and other common fishes.

Dive 2-Secret Bay
We went to Secret Bay again because we liked it!
Me and my family saw Flounders, loads of Mantis Shrimps, two Octopus'-one free and the other one in a shell, a SEAHORSE (which I found)-first time seeing a 'normal-sized' Seahorse, Blenny in a shell,again, Shrimp in a bottle, again, Wiggly Shrimps in anemones, a Cow fish and a tiny Black Frog fish!

Dive 3-Arthur's Rock
Arthur's Rock is Arthur's Place House Reef and it was really nice! We didn't really see as much as in Twin Rocks, but I thought it was good enough for me and my family!
We saw a couple of Eels, a Box fish or two, Trumpet fishes, Nemo & his family group, some Nudis, Wiggly Shrimps, Mantis Shrims, a Cuttle fish, a few Sea Cucumber and a group of Cat fishes for last!

Day 4
On the 31st of May was my dad's birthday, so I wished that the dives on Sunday would be fabulous!

Dive 1-Twin Rocks
That day, my sister was sick(a bad start) and she didn't went diving. So my parents said that I could use my sister's camera!
In Twin Rocks we saw a group of Cat fishes, big groups of Jack fishes, some Nudis, Octopus', Shrimps, Nemo & his family group, Bat fishes, Giant Clams, Trumpet fishes and we also saw this faded-black coloured fish eating a shrimp!

Dive 2-Mainit
Dive 2 on Sunday was a little bit better than the dive before.
We saw a Box fish, some Lion fishes, Nudis (of course), Pipe fishes, juv. Sweetlips, Christmas Tree worms, Scorpion fishes and a Frog fish! I also saw this small (cute) white fish with an orange stripe over its head-like a bandana! I don't what the fish is called, but I thought that it was a cool fish!

Dive 3-NDS (I don't know what it stands for)
Fortunately and unfortunately, my sister felt better and she was able to dive on the third one- that means I can't use her camera!!!!
In NDS, we saw Trigger fishes, Nudis, Lion fishes, a group of Barracuda, Stingray, Cat fishes and other common fishes.

Day 5
On Day 5, we only went for two dives because we were pretty tired!

Dive 1-Kirby's Reef
In Kirbys, the diving there is like going across this gigantic (rock) wall! 'The wall' has LOADS of healthy and beautiful corals-which meant lots of fishes! We had a brilliant time there, and it was just gorgeous! The wall was around 20-25m deep (too deep for me!) so we had to 'float around' at about 12m.
Since there were quite a lot of 'uncovered' parts of the wall, there were lots of Scorpion fishes! They were like here, and there and everywhere! Of course, there were also lots and lots of Nudis! Most of them were these yellow squishy-looking ones.
We also saw some Trumpet fishes, quite a few of Lion fishes, one or two Box fishes, Nemo's family group, and we also saw millions and millions (just exaggerating) of Eels! My dad and my mum saw two Eels fighting for a hole! Later then, we saw two Octopus' but one of them were hiding in a hole. When we were just swimming by, hiding on a blue coral was..... a BIG Blue Frog fish!!!!! I have to say, it was pretty amazing, but I think in Lembeh (Indonesia) me and my dad saw a BIGGER Yellow Frog fish-cool right? At the end, when we were doing our safety stop (3 minutes), under an anemone (with Clark's Anemone fish) I saw a crab! It was white with bit of orange (I think). I had a feeling it was a Porcelain Crab, but I wasn't sure!

Dive 2-Bethlehem
The dive site Bethlehen is near a village. The water wasn't that busy so it was okay to dive in. When we were waiting for our surface time (1 hour), me and my family saw this tree with these red leaves/flower all over them! It was so outstanding- just like our dive!
Underwater, we saw a juv. Sweetlips, Nemo's family, loads of shrimps, a group of Rigid Shrimp fish, some Nudis and a couple of baby Eels! They were swimming around in this anemone, so cute! What's so weird is that their colour is white! They're babies though! Anyway, we also saw a few sea Cucumbers, a BIG Puffer fish, a Trumpet fish, some Triggers, about two Porcupine fishes, an Octopus my sister couldn't take a photo of, quite a few of Scorpion fishes and we saw this HUGE Sponge Barrel! I bet I could fit in it! This huge Sponge Barrel was surrounded by beautiful corals- a good way of 'beautifying' a Sponge Barrel!
Just when we were diving about, we saw some pink Nudi Eggs! We saw 2 'groups' of it! The Nudi Eggs were neatly set by making them go on top of the other, until a certain height, and swirling around like a Spanish Dancer!

Day 6
We had three dives on Day 6 and I was really excited! We went to this island and underwater was really cool!

Dive 1- Sombrero Island: Coral Garden
In this dive site, we didn't really see very interesting creatures, but we did saw this beautiful scenery!
There were loads of gorgeous corals (very healthy) which meant lots of fishes- and there were! We all couldn't believe what we saw in Coral Garden. It was like an underwater heaven! Lots and lots of fishes were around! Unfortunately, there were also quite a lot of Stinging Hydroid! Luckily, I didn't get stung, but my dad and my mum did! Anyway, we also saw lots of Nudis, and a couple of Puffer fishes-they remind me of my cat (Puffer)! Everywhere, and literally everywhere, there were these small red fishes! They make a really good photo, though my sister doesn't like them unless they are all swimming in the same way!
My mum told me that she saw these Lizard fishes eating a small Red fish-awesome right! When my mum wrote that on my underwater writing pad, I was really excited to see if I can find a Lizard fish eating a Red fish. So then I waited every time I saw I Lizard fish, just 'sitting' on a rock or something. Apperently, they don't like me (or they're just not hungry-but I didn't really think so) because every single time, I just 'hovered' as still as I could, but they just don't do anything-even when I tried to get a small group of Red fishes close by! Soon I gave up, it was just so frustrating!
Just at the end of the dive, I saw this Scorpion fish clinging to this fan coral-weird! My dad got a photo of if it, but I bet it was really hard to get one, because there was a current!
Anyway, I really liked that dive site. I love how the small Red fishes really fit in with where they were, though it wasn't like they camouflaged themselves with the background! Sombrero Island: Coral Garden is no. 2 in may favourite dive sites in Anilau! So I would love to come there again some time!

Dive 2-Layag-Layag
The dive site Layag-Layag was close to Sombrero Island: Coral Garden, so I was expecting that Layag-Layag is a little bit like Sombrero Island: Coral Garden- and I was kinda of right!
In Layag-Layag, we saw loads of Trigger fishes, some Shrimps and one or two Moray Eels. The sight there were beautiful, just like in Sombrero Island! There were also loads of these small fishes (like in Sombrero Island), but instead of it being fully red, it was slightly blueish! They make a good creature there!
Again, my mum wrote on my pad, saying that she saw some Lizard fishes eating these small black and red-blueish fishes. And again I waited for some action, but nothing happened!
In Layag-Layag, we also saw this pair of Nudis mating! Both Nudis looked really pretty!

Dive 3-Twin Rocks
Our guide decided to take us to Twin Rocks again. He probably know that we all like Twin Rocks!
What we saw was basically the same creatures as before. But the following would be my favourite creatures in Twin rocks!
My favourite were the groups of Jack fishes (I just think they're really cool), the group of Barracudas (Barracudas look awesome because of their sharp teeth), Bat fishes (they were every where and they weren't afraid to get close to humans), Nudis (I love the pattern on their backs), Giant Clams (the inside of their mouth is so pretty), Shrimps (their cool), Trigger fishes (I like it how they have this clear wiggly fin) and Nemo and his family (they're so cute).

Day 7 LAST DAY:(
Unfortunately, it was the last day! I will miss diving for a few months!

Dive 1- Basura
We were supposed to dive in Cathedral (there's the Christian cross at the bottom), but the current was too strong. We didn't want to not dive at all, so instead we went to Basura. I didn't really like Basura because it was mostly rubbish. The diving was like in Secret Bay, just a little bit worse.
Anyway, in Basura we saw lots of colourful Lion fishes, a few Scorpion fishes, some shrimps (including Wiggly Shrimps) on anemones and Clark's Anemone fish. We didn't really see much Nudis, so that was quite a shame. Although, there was no current at all, so that was good!

We had breakfast at this resort! I bet the resort cost a lot, because it has these birds and they have this pool with sharks and other fishes! Anyway, we had breakfast there and it cost 6x more than we had expected! Luckily, the cost of the breakfast includes swimming in the pool of sharks and the other fishes! It was so cool! The sharks were pretty small and they were called the Black Tip Reef Shark. I have never swam with sharks before except in Langkawi (Malaysia)!
The water of the pool was green and murky, so it was very hard to see. It was raining hard so the water was pretty warm! In the pool, there were some big Groupers, of course Sharks, tiny fishes, Bat fishes and a few common fishes!

We were going to dive at Eagle Point (the dive site in front of the expensive resort), but since the wind and the rain was really hard, the waves were big too! We had a few difficulties going on to the boat, but soon we managed to get on!
When we reached back at the resort, our guide suggested us to go to Secret Bay for our last dive. He said that there would be no current and there would hardly be any waves, just some probably from boats!

Last Dive- Secret Bay
I was a bit disappointed that we had to go to Secret Bay again for our last dive- but at least we could go diving!
We started from shore, so it was a lot easier for me to put my BCD on!
Just when we were around 2-4m deep, I found this 'group' of orange Nudi Eggs! It was under this big thin square-ish wood (good hiding place mother Nudi!). Later then, I saw this whole LOT of Nudis! The colour was grey-ish and the were at this blot area! It was the most disgusting underwater sight ever! I tried showing my dad, but he was already too far from me! I didn't want to spend one more second over there that time, so I left all the Nudis alone!
I saw a Flounder, and I got time to look at it closely. What was strange about Flounders (now that I've found out), is that either their eyes or mouth is the wrong way round! It looked so weird!
There were quite a lot of Lion fishes and only a few Scorpion fishes on the sand. I don't really like them as much as before anymore, so I didn't really care much about them! Also, there were lots of Mantis Shrimps!
When I was going to my guide (quite quickly), I had to stop because I saw a Seahorse-again! I was really excited so I banged my tank with my stick! A few minutes later, our guide found another Seahorse! Instead, it was bigger and a little bit fatter! It had a pattern too that time, but the Seahorse was quite dirty!
At Secret Bay, we also saw some Octopus'! We either saw 3 or 4 of them! All I know was that one of the Octopus' were swimming around, another one was squished in a shell and another was in a bottle! Amazing right?

Unfortunately, that was all for the last day! I was pretty amazed though! I love Anilao and I would love to come there again! There are still some dive sites in Asia me and my family hasn't to explored though, so it might be a while! If you go to Anilao, don't change your mind and go to Arthur's Place because it's both cheap and really good! So bye-bye Anilao, hope to go back there again sometime!
My week has finished, and now, I am looking forward to my next journey!

The pictures were either taken by may sister or my dad.

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